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ruthie & duckling.jpg (22758 bytes)    The real origins of Ruthie the Duck Girl remain a mystery, but can be traced back as early as 1952. Ruthie’s older brother, Henry says he started Ruthie on her path to local stardom. Henry had told several people that he was to be a celebrity. When Henry was 10 years old, he did have pets ducks. He "trained" them to follow him wherever he went. Henry took credit for being the original Duck Boy, a character that never took off because Mrs. Moulon, who always put Ruthie’s hair in ringlets and dressed her in beautiful skirts and dresses, thought Ruthie more photogenic.

ruthie & duck inside.jpg (18923 bytes)    In later years, and to this day, Ruthie claims to have purchased her first duck. But in a Dixie Roto article from 1955, Mr. Moulon backs Henry’s story while talking about how close Ruthie and Henry were, "When you see my daughter, you see my son. In fact he even taught her to train ducks; he trained them himself years ago." But this was really no trick at all. Ruthie, herself, always gave the secret away when asked why her ducks follow her around. "Because I raise them from little baby ducks," she explained. Young ducklings imprint on whoever or whatever they perceive as mother.

    Because Ruthie’s parents did not enroll her in school for whatever reason, Ruthie wound up walking the streets during the day with her ducks. Tourists and locals alike would turn their heads as Ruthie strolled down the street with her ducks following behind.

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The Postcards

    Ruthie began charging people to take her photograph. Soon, she began selling picture postcards of herself. It was Henry who sent photos of Ruthie off to be printed. Ruthie sold the postcards for twenty-five cents each or three for a dollar.  Susan Allen remembers, "she wouldn’t understand that maybe she should sell them five for a dollar, that it wasn’t a bargain to buy [three] for a dollar, but if you bought them for twenty-five cents a piece, you got more for a dollar. And she never could grasp that. So I bought a dollars' worth anyway – in quarters."

ruthie_-glamor_shot.jpg (25340 bytes)    Over the years, there have been at least six different postcards of Ruthie. There was no doubt that by the late fifties, Ruthie was a local celebrity, often written about in local newspapers. Writer David Cuthbert explains her fame thus: "Most of these characters took themselves seriously. It wasn’t like a pose. So maybe that’s true, that with Ruthie it was something that happened naturally and became this sort of inadvertent tourist attraction ultimately. No one ever had as high a profile as Ruthie did."


The Ducks


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