Mr. Quintron, celebrated Ninth Ward Organist and Inventor, is a one-man-band who often performs at his private underground club, the Spellcaster Lodge hidden away on St. Claude Avenue. He resides there with his wife, Miss Pussycat, who sings backup and plays maracas.  Panacea Pussycat (PPA* member in good standing) is most famous for her puppet shows featuring the world famous puppet band, Flossie and the Unicorns.

* Puppeteers of America

Quintron consistently mesmerizes his listeners with albums such as I.F.001-001, Satan Is Dead, The Amazing Spellcaster, and These Hands of Mine.  He was named “Entertainer of the Year” by Donnie Burnside, owner of Burnside Furniture Outlet in Big Rapids, Michigan, after seeing one of the regular tours Quintron makes throughout the United States and Europe.  Quintron also appeared on The Jenny Jones Show in front of a hostile and heckling audience.


The Drum Buddy is Mr. Quintron’s newly-patented invention.  It’s a five-oscillator, light-activated, mechanically-rotating drum machine that took years to develop and design.  The Drum Buddy has its own infomercial, The Drum Buddy Show which will air soon on late night TV.  It’s a highly informative and entertaining show featuring performances by Quintron, Miss Pussycat, Ernie K-Doe, MC Trachiotomy, and the Drum Buddy Dancers.

Quintron is very secretive about his past, his family, and his personal life.  He rarely grants interviews.  But when he does, you never know what he might say.  His stories often conflict and seem like Quintron inventions, too.  Quintron told Bill Grady in a 1996 Times-Picayune article that he and his wife, Miss Pussycat, were first cousins.  The headline on the front page of the Metro section read, “Kissing Cousins.”  The continuation of the article on page two read, “Couple: Cousins cavorting in Bywater.”  Quintron conducted the interview in a wheelchair, telling Grady that he fell from a roller coaster at Six Flags over Mid-America.  As the Sept. 2000 Offbeat coverboy, Quintron was more honest with writer Aimee Toledano.  It was his most in-depth interview to date, but he added, “…all a musician is… it’s an anonymous ghost to think about and imagine and listen to and communicate with anonymously.  [Talking about yourself] is not necessarily interesting to the anonymous public.  I don’t care for them to know and I think they’ll have a much better time with Quintron records in the future if they don’t know.” 

Although Eccentric New Orleans cannot verify any facts about Quintron’s personal history, our research found that he was born in Germany while his father was stationed there in the military.  He grew up in Mobile, Alabama, and St. Louis, Missouri.  After high school, he left home and moved to Chicago in the late ‘80s. He was in a cover band called Idol Chatter, and a noise band called Math.  He did not attend college, but ran his own underground nightclub called Milk of Burgundy.   He found his way to New Orleans where he met Panacea Pussycat, owner of the now defunct Pussycat Caverns, which was located at Piety and Burgundy.  Named “The Wizard of the 9th Ward,” by Offbeat magazine, Quintron continues to record and throw parties at the Spellcaster Lodge.


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